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Boomer Diaries


is an online documentary series premiering on You Tube in 2014, presented by  Dawg Rox LLC Productions


Baby Boomers (born 1946 to 1964) represent 35% of the American population in 2014 who some say will soon be dismissed as the "generation of old."


BOOMER DIARIES believes many Boomers embody what is right about America and that Boomers can be experiMENTORS for America's future.  The series seeks to present stories of joy, success, confusion, passion and pain. 

Episode 1 - Dawgus Bear Rocks the Cradle (2014)


The story of a Boomer who started as an Air Guitar teenager with no musical skills.  Refusing to grow old, Bear finds religion in rock music at age 40 and grows into songwriting over the next several years.  


This Rockumentary chronicles a journey of self-discovery and culminates in a musical Tour Premiere where Bear's world is seen through the eyes of those who inspire him.

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